Mandatory Workforce
Training Simplified

Precise. Protection. Simplified.

Mandatory Workforce
Training Simplified

Precise. Protection. Simplified.

Why do employers need a training and compliance program?

BMD Gateway is built on three core concepts:


Created and maintained by attorneys with years of experience, the trainings and policies include comprehensive examples and hypotheticals based on real-world situations.


Each user’s progress is tracked through the web-based training system, making it easy to monitor and demonstrate that each employee completed and understood the training.


The BMD Gateway platform is simple and easy to use for administrators and employees. A roster of employees and email addresses is all that is required for initial set up.

Why is BMD Gateway Better?

With the BMD Gateway platform, employers can deliver practical training to their employees and establish an effective compliance process. BMD Gateway is the solution to help protect businesses from costly litigation, to minimize disruption to operations, and to comply with workplace compliance requirements.

Simple To Use

  • Signing up is simple! Choose your state(s), training course(s), and number of employees, and then checkout.  Even simpler, you can contact us at to customize a plan.
  • Once your account is set up, you will be notified to upload the employee list by name and email.
  • We will take it from there and assign the trainings, send reminders, and track completion.


  • On-demand, 24/7 access to trainings and policies.
  • Train all or part of your workforce
  • Employees complete training around business operations, rather than businesses stopping operations to train.

Precise Compliance

  • Our trainings are built to protect companies in lawsuits, investigations, audits, and complaints.
  • All trainings and policies are created and updated by industry-leading attorneys.
  • Real-time alerts and updates to keep up with the ever-changing laws and regulation.

Liability Protection

  • Our platform monitors and tracks employee performance to ensure compliance.
  • Training courses and policies include specific content to prevent claims.
  • Built to protect companies.

Services We Provide

BMD Gateway provides critical risk mitigation to businesses of all sizes, including:

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