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Services we provide

BMD Gateway provides critical risk mitigation to businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Comprehensive training on all HR Compliance and Employment Law issues

  • Compliance, Regulatory, and Best Practices Training, including OSHA, HIPAA, EH&S, and more

  • Document and form storage and access point for all employees

  • Employee acknowledgement of receipt of all training and forms

  • Business operation training and notifications

  • Anonymous reporting and Whistleblower Hotline

  • Benefits and tax information

  • Customized training options

  • All programs created by your Trusted Advisors

Why BMD Gateway?

BMD Gateway is a unique, attorney-branded, maintained and updated cloud-based learning and data management system.

Lower Cost

Select from options for a low monthly fee per employee (PEPM) or a flat fee for training modules

Only pay for the training that is important and necessary to your business


Businesses select the training that is important and necessary to their employees

Employees complete training around business operations, rather than businesses changing their operations to accomodate training

Training assignments can be customized by employee, location, department, or role

Up-To-Date Compliance

All training, forms, and documents are drafted and reviewed by industry-leading attorneys

All training, forms, and documents are continually updated to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of employment law and regulatory matters

Employees and businesses receive real-time alerts and updates

Liability Protection

Don’t Be An Easy Target!

Failure to adequately train on Employment Law matters and HR Compliance cost two companies $7M.
- Bains v. ARCO Prods. Co. & Swinton v. Potomac Corp.

Ineffectual training and incomplete training records led to an FLSA award for back pay plus interest against employer
- Marshall v. J.C. Penney Co. Inc.

Lack of spill and hazardous chemical training led to imposition of clean-up costs against shipper and carrier
- Symington v. Great Western Trucking Co. Inc.

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