Total Workforce Training & Compliance

How Does It Work?

  • Your company receives access to the entire Gateway Platform for all trainings and policies.
  • You can use our attorney-created trainings and polices, create your own, or both!
  • The Gateway Platform automatically pushes all trainings, policies, reminders and updates to employees.
  • You will have total administrative access to track all employee performance.
  • Unlimited use of the training platform!

Is It Difficult To Manage?

  • The Gateway Platform was designed for simplicity and can be mastered within minutes; plus, our team is available 24/7 to help. You can be up and running within a day.
  • You can use the Reports or User Activity Logs to easily track progression by Not Started, In Progress, Completed, and Overdue.
  • Export all data via Excel, PDF, CSV, or print with a click of a button.
  • It could not be any easier to manage and we would love to show you a demo!

How Much Does It Cost?

  • On average, it is less than the per course cost of Sexual Harassment Training.
  • Includes customized training with three (3) courses.
  • Charged on an annual basis for average Authorized Users
  • May include a one-time Implementation based upon customization
  • May include data storage fees for larger users (>500 Authorized Users)
  • Contact Us for a quote –

How Do I Get Started?

  • Contact us for a quote, a demo, or to talk about your goals for a program –
  • Our experienced team members will help you design and tailor your entire compliance program – big or small.
  • We will recommend training courses (i.e., Handbook Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Diversity Awareness), and the policies for all employees.
  • We will provide recommendations for an effective and efficient program designed for your business!


All we need is a roster of employees with their email addresses and our platform takes care of the rest.  We will automatically push all trainings, policies, updates, reminders, and completion certificates.

Absolutely!  With the Gateway Platform, we will customize your trainings and policies to meet your operational needs.

You will have an Administrator Dashboard.  It gives you a quick snapshot of all trainings in process and what will be due.  You will also have total access to Reports and User Activity to monitor completion.

We track and retain all training and policy records for each Authorized User for up to seven (7) years.

Absolutely!  You can use ours, upload your own, and even allow 3rd parties and consultants to upload trainings.

Contact us for a demo or proposal –

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