Our Difference

Why is BMD Gateway your best option?

  • Our content is precise.
  • Each training and policy is created, maintained and updated by attorneys who specialize in the area of law.
  • Each training and policy complies with federal, state, and local requirements, and is updated on a daily basis if necessary.
    • Example: The same day the U.S. Supreme Court issued the Bostock decision expanding Title VII protections based on gender identity and sexual orientation, our updated Discrimination Training modules and policies were implemented and delivered to employees.

What does BMD Gateway offer that is different than other training platforms?

  • Our platform was designed and built for the protection of small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Rather than hoping that a course protects your business, BMD Gateway content is specifically designed to reduce or eliminate the risk and costs of any claim, investigation, audit, charge, complaint, or lawsuit.
  • Our proprietary tracking system records each employee’s receipt, review, and comprehension of all content so that there is never a question of whether the employee received or understood specific rules, policies, and guidelines.
    • Example: When responding to an EEOC charge that arose months earlier, an employer quickly and conclusively showed that both the harasser and the victim received the exact training necessary to eliminate the employer from any further action.

How complicated is BMD Gateway?

  • Our platform is simplified for ease of access, ease of use, immediate implementation, and real-time tracking.
  • With your employee roster, BMD Gateway assigns trainings and documents, tracks progress and completion, sends reminders, and delivers and records confirmation of completion.
  • Your administrators have real-time access to granular data of all employee useage, and can utilize the platform for delivery of your own traning and documents.
    • Example: When states required COVID-19 traning for employees, employers were able to upload and deliver customized policies to all employees.
  • Employees can take training when it’s convenient, and can stop and pick back up at any time.
  • All training courses are optimized for smartphones, tablet, or computer.

Our proprietary tracking system records all training and compliance activity for each employee by encrypted login, IP address, type of device, and other identifiers. (We’ll show the tracking page for a company and blur out or change any identifiable email addresses or individuals)

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